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About the company

JSC "MAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY" was established in the end of 2016 to fulfill Ukraine's obligations under the Third Energy Package, which provided for unbundling of natural gas transmission activities from its supply and production.

JSC "MGU" is a sole owner of a 100% share in the authorized capital of LLC "Gas TSO of Ukraine", which carries out activity for transmission of natural gas.

The company successfully implements corporate reform in Ukraine, in particular through establishment and functioning of an independent supervisory board, and makes all necessary efforts to ensure gas independence of Ukraine.


Our goal is:

As a result of effective completion of the procedure for unbundling of activities for transportation and storage (injection, offtake) of natural gas, to ensure:

- uninterrupted transmission of natural gas by main gas pipelines;

- preservation and maximization of transit of natural gas to Europe, with potential involvement of foreign partners;

- efficient operation and reasonable management of main pipeline transport facilities;

- development and improvement of the Gas Transmission System, natural gas market, and further reform of the energy sector of Ukraine.


Our values:

Activities of the Company at all levels are determined by:

honesty; reliability; openness and objectivity; inadmissibility of dishonesty in the work of the Company and relations with the state, business partners, third parties;

intolerance to corruption in all forms and protection of persons who report violations in the Company and help prevent and combat corruption.

We are focused on professional growth and adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

We are consistent and fair in our attitude to the law and the state, our employees, business partners, and third parties.

Our employees and persons who perform work or provide services in accordance with the contract with us are prohibited from performing any illegal actions aimed at "simplifying" the established rules and procedures.

We are public in our relations with the government and other stakeholders.


Our values are our principles:

Effective, rational, open and honest activities of the Сompany in accordance with the current legislation, based on the principles of integrity, and support of implementation of such practices by business partners.


The subject matters of activity of the company are as follows:

1) transmission of natural gas, in particular to natural gas market entities in accordance with the legislation;

2) storage (injection, offtake) of natural gas;

3) operation, reconstruction and maintenance of main gas pipelines, including cross-border gas pipelines, and facilities on them, natural gas storage facilities;

4) design and construction of main pipelines, branch pipelines, cross-border gas pipelines, facilities on them, communication and power supply lines;

5) ensuring development of the gas transmission system and underground natural gas storage facilities, including creation of sufficient capacity of cross-border gas pipelines for integration of the gas infrastructure of Ukraine and the EU in order to meet economically reasonable and technically feasible demand for such capacity and ensure safety of natural gas supplies;

6) performing research, design and development works in the field of natural gas transportation and storage;

7) ensuring development and operation of the gas transmission system and underground natural gas storage facilities;

8) reconstruction, modernization and re-equipment of, gas collection, purification and dehumidification plants and underground natural gas storage facilities;

9) repair of industrial equipment, wellhead equipment, flow lines and pipelines;

10) diagnostics, qualification and certification of the main and auxiliary equipment of gas transmission System facilities;

11) performing special design and construction works;

12) development, production, implementation, sale, installation and service of systems and means of technical protection of Information, performance of works, provision of services that provide for technical protection of Information, research of efficiency of systems and means of technical protection of information;

13) information and computing services, development, implementation and maintenance of software, creation and maintenance of databases, design and implementation of automated workplaces, creation and maintenance of computer networks;

14) editorial, translation and publishing-printing activities;

15) design, production, installation, maintenance of fire protection equipment and heating systems, assessment of fire protection condition of assets, tests for fire hazard of substances, materials, building structures, products and equipment, fire equipment, fire and technical equipment, fire-fighting products, provision of other services and performance of fire protection works;

16) repair, installation and reconstruction of technological equipment of compressor stations, main gas pipelines and auxiliary technological equipment;

17) fulfillment and implementation of the results of scientific research, experimental design, survey and development works;

18) development and implementation of long-term forecasts, long-term and current plans for economic and social development of the Company, targeted comprehensive scientific and technical, economic, investment and social programs;

19) production and implementation of new equipment, development and implementation of advanced technologies in the field of gas transmission;

20) implementation of investment activities in the gas industry in compliance with requirements of the legislation on unbundling and independence of the gas transmission system operator, ensuring development of mutually beneficial foreign economic relations, trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation with foreign legal entities;

21) performing a set of commissioning works on dust and gas cleaning and ventilation equipment and a set of commissioning works and environmental and heat engineering tests of equipment operated with the use of fuel;

22) carrying out any types of foreign economic activity, except for those prohibited by law;

23) carrying out other types of activities that are not prohibited by law, taking into account requirements of the legislation on unbundling and independence of the gas transmission system operator.