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Changes in the Supervisory Board of JSC “MGU”

29 May 2020, Kyiv – Today, on 29 May 2020, the annual General Meeting of Shareholders of JSC "MGU" (MGU) was held. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, as the sole shareholder, decided to terminate the authorities of Walter Boltz, Chairman of the MGU Supervisory Board. The decision was made in view of the improper organization of the work of the MGU Supervisory Board.

Currently, the MGU Supervisory Board consists of five members, three independent members: Fabrice Noilhan, Jan Chadam, and Karina Luchinkina, and two state representatives - Adomas Audickas and Viktor Pynzenyk. A new independent member will be elected in a transparent competition by the Nomination Committee.

Adomas Audickas, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, commented on the decision of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine: "Termination of Walter Boltz's authorities will not have a negative impact on the work of the Gas TSO of Ukraine. Currently, the MGU Supervisory Board retains a majority of independent members, in accordance with the Corporate Governance Action Plan, which guarantees independence in decision-making".