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Under the leadership of V.Kistion will be updated plan to reform gas sector

May 26, 2017, Kyiv - Today the Vice Prime Minister Volodymyr Kistion meets with Head of the Secretariat of the European Energy Community Janez Kopac.
The meeting was dedicated to discussion of reforms in the gas sector of Ukraine, the plan of separation of the transportation and storage of natural gas (anbandlinh).
VolodymyrKistion informed Janez Kopac about the achievements of the working group to accelerate the reform of "Naftogaz Ukraine".
"Currently separation of natural gas transportation is one of the key tasks facing the Government of Ukraine. As you know the main problem to the implementation of this process was filling PJSC "Main gas pipelines of Ukraine" property necessary for its operation. Finally, as a result of long discussions and opratsyuvan, we have the best vision for content property PJSC "Main gas pipelines of Ukraine", - said Deputy Prime Minister.
He also said that the question of the financing of PJSC "Main gas pipelines of Ukraine".
"An important question for us today is funding PJSC "Main gas pipelines of Ukraine", that affects primarily the possibility of implementing the plan corporate governance of the company - forming organs, implementing corporate governance structure and more. And there is progress, since April 11 this year Verkhovna Rada registered a relevant draft law (registration number 6340), which provides for the allocation of the budget of 20 mln.UAH. From their side I will take all necessary measures for its fastest adoption ", - said Volodymyr Kistion.
The meeting also agreed to start working on updating the Action Plan to reform the gas sector, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 25.03.2015 number 375-p., which will be led by Volodymyr Kistion.