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New membership of the Supervisory Board of JSC “The Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine” was appointed

6 October 2021, Kyiv -  New Supervisory Board members of JSC “Main Gas Pipelines of Ukraine” were appointed

In accordance with the decisions of the Nomination Committee and the Government, by the Order of the Ministry for Energy of Ukraine, independent members of the Supervisory Board were appointed following 05 October 2021 – Huberte Bettonville, Iryna Marushko, Jan Chadam and representatives of the State – Tetyana Fedorova and Viktor Pynzenyk.
On 6 October 2021, the Supervisory Board members held a meeting with the Herman Halushcenko, Minister of Energy and Yaroslav Demchenkov, Deputy Minister of Energy and held the first meeting in the new composition.
At the meeting Huberte Bettonville was appointed Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board and Tetyana Fedorova as Deputy Chairwoman.
The Audit Committee was chaired by Huberte Bettonville, and Remuneration and Nomination Committee – by Iryna Marushko. All members of the Supervisory Board became members of both Committees.