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MGU is launching the unique International Leadership Development Program

On November 5, 2019, in Kyiv/Essen/Leipzig - JSC “MAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY” together with LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” launches a unique educational project – the permanent International Leadership Development Program for training specialists in the gas transmission system of Ukraine.

Today, the first four Ukrainian specialists have flown to Germany for a training course: the representatives of JSC “MAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY” Yevgen German and Anton Lazarevych, as well as the employees of LLC “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine” Petro Kuzenko and Stanislav Golubkov. Within the next month, they will be trained at the German companies - the gas transmission system operators Open Grid Europe GmbH and ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH.

In addition, the European gas experts will provide a number of lectures and workshops on thematic issues for the participants of the program during and after the internship.

 “The main objective of the program is to study and review the best practices of work of the gas transmission system operator, to get familiarized with its technologies, business structure and organization of functionality and relevant business processes. It is expected that during the program the Ukrainian representatives will receive exceptional work experience, which will be useful in the process of developing the infrastructure of the gas transmission system of Ukraine”, says the Acting CEO of JSC “MAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY” Oleksandr Lisnichenko.

According to Mr. Lisnichenko, it is crucially important that the European colleagues have supported the initiative of JSC “MGU” and once again, by admitting our specialists to their working cycles, they demonstrate a willingness to contribute to reforms in Ukraine.

 “The project of unbundling of the gas transmission system operator is a new experience not only for MGU, but for Ukraine as a whole. So, in fact, the market lacks experts in the gas sector, who have experience of working in the gas market complying with European rules. To address this issue, we have decided to develop our own human resources and have taken the initiative to launch a unique educational program for Ukraine to train specialists together with the European colleagues. We provide an opportunity for our Ukrainian colleagues to study and receive international internship at the European GTS operators and similar organizations, as well as to study the best and recognized European and international experts in the gas transmission sector,” explains Kseniya Hubenko, Deputy Director of Personnel.

We would like to express our gratitude to our partners that assisted us in preparation for launching the project. Yes, the company Odgers Berndtson helped us select candidates for the internship. The courses at the German Embassy in Ukraine helped us prepare to dive into the German-speaking environment. In addition, our initiative was supported by the German Energy Agency (DENA).

We will announce the news and successes of the International Leadership Development Program on our website and Facebook page.