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Regarding some issues on cooperation between PJSC “MGU” and NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”

Press release

October 29, 2018, Kyiv Given the recent developments and great interest towards the subject, Public joint stock company “Mahistralni Gazoprovody Ukrainy” (MGU) would like to make a statement and inform that at the current moment the only document signed between MGU and NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” (Naftogaz) is the Memorandum of Understanding on Unbundling of Gas Transmission System Operator between the Supervisory Boards of MGU and Naftogaz. This document has a general nature and was signed with the purpose to make the first step to the cooperation of both companies in the work towards unbundling implementation.

As of today, the members of the MGU Supervisory Board have not received from Naftogaz any proposal on the exact terms of cooperation, which is in line with Ukrainian legislation and may be seriously considered by MGU Supervisory Board.

The members of the MGU Supervisory Board have not signed any additional agreement or any other document with Naftogaz, which in any manner could regulate the status of the members of the MGU Supervisory Board as the advisors to the Naftogaz Supervisory Board Ethics and Unbundling Committee and/or which could provide for the obligation to pay remuneration to members of the MGU Supervisory Board in exchange for rendering any services to Ethics and Unbundling Committee.