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On February 28, 2018, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine appointed the Supervisory Board of the new independent gas transportation operator PJSC “MAHISTRALNI GAZOPROVODY UKRAINY” on the basis of a decision by the Committee of appointing the heads of particularly important enterprises, which include observers from diplomatic establishments and international financial organizations.


Karina Luchinkina was born and grew up in Ukraine, but she dedicated most of her career to the work with the global business organizations with the aim to implement the advanced international customer experience in more than 30 countries during 18 years of work in a world-renowned company. Ms. Luchinkina is fluent in English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages, holds a degree in engineering and marketing, graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine, received a Master’s Degree in Business at the London School of Business. As the director of the international audit company, she was responsible for the risk management and control, focusing on emerging markets, which are the part of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Ms. Luchinkina worked with a number of international energy and government companies as a consultant to the boards and senior managers, working on the projects in the following areas: risk management and control; strategic planning; the effectiveness of internal audit; management of investment projects.

“The gas pipeline is one of the most important Ukrainian national assets, and MGU should be its flag-bearer. In my opinion, the Supervisory Board should establish a corporate governance standard and an appropriate procedure for compliance with such a standard for other Ukrainian state-owned companies in the process of reforming their management processes", - notes Karina Luchinkina.


Walter Boltz is currently an independent consultant on the issues of European energy, regulation, and energy strategy. Active Member of the Strategic Advice Board ERRA (Regional Association of Electricity Control Entities, www.erranet.org); Member of the Board of Appeals of the Agency for the Interaction of Regulatory State Bodies in the Field of Energy Supply (www.acer.europa.eu).

The examples of consulting projects are the following: the provision of strategic advisory services to ENTSO-G (European Network of Gas Transmission System Operators) in Brussels on EU-level regulation issues; assistance for the European Commission on special issues of EU / Russia relations; advising the company Austrian Rail Infrastructure on regulatory issues; consulting the main German CO on regulatory issues in the EU; consulting Baker & Mc Kenzie, Vienna, on European Energy Regulation. Fifteen years of his career (2001-2016 years) he dedicated to the work at the State Energy Regulatory Authority of Austria, embracing the position of the General and Executive Director. For nine years, he was a Member of the Regional Management Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Add to this, he was responsible for the Energy and Utility Business and Productivity Departments in Austria, conducted a permanent partnership with PwC in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and PwC Corporate Finance. He was also responsible for acquiring and implementing consulting projects for energy companies. Mr. Boltz has the great practical experience in the sphere of international cooperation at EU level, as well as in financial management, finance, and investment, successful management of amounts up to EUR 150 million. He received education at the Vienna Technical University in Austria, a graduate engineer (DI corresponds to a Master of Science), a Master of Science in Applied Physics.


Jan Chadam. Over the past eight years, his professional activities have been linked to the market of natural gas and infrastructure. In February 2009, Mr. Chadam joined the Polish transmission system operator “GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.” as a member of the Board of Directors responsible for finances (Director of Finance). In less than five months, in June 2009, he was appointed as the President of the company. At the time when Mr. Chadam embraced the responsibility to manage the company, Polish natural gas market depended on the Eastern supply routes more than 90%. The preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects, as well as the implementation of a new model of the market, which took place at the time of Mr. Chadim’s work at GAZ-SYSTEM, allowed the Polish market to open new supply routes. As a result, in Poland, the supplies from the East can be currently completely replaced by the alternative sources, including the world market of liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the terminal of LNG import, which was built in Świnoujście.

Mr. Yan Chadam developed and controlled the project “Polskie LNG” since its accession to “GAZ-SYSTEM” because the project of the terminal was developed by the company “GAZ-SYSTEM”, which is the owner of “Polskie LNG”. From April 2015 to May 2017, Mr. Chadam directly controlled the implementation of projects as the President of the Board of Directors of “Polskie LNG”.

“I hope that my professional knowledge, experience and my strong ties with various financial and European organizations can be successfully used for the interests of MGU, in particular, for the development of the relevant commercial structure, the development and construction of economically strong infrastructure, financial results of the company performance, and the improvement of the development indicators through receiving funding from international financial institutions”,- commented Jan Chadam.


Fabrice Noilhan is currently the Senior Executive Vice President of the French Energy Company. He directs the company’s activities on the European gas market and is responsible for the balance of profits and losses of the portfolio of contracts by volume (including budgeting, medium-term planning). He initiated and successfully negotiated gas supply/sale contracts, managed the optimization and hedging of global portfolio risks, developed and implemented a strategy for gas supply and logistics. Working in the Ministry of Energy of France (2005-2009), he was responsible for the priority of security of supply during the French presidency in the European Union, represented France in various committees on oil and gas (in the European Union, international energy agencies, the Energy Charter, the Energy Community, the Greater Seven / Greater Eighth G7 / G8 ...). Currently, he performs a representative function at Dunkerque LNG and at the Association of Gas Industry in France. He has 12 years of experience in the energy, oil and gas sectors that provided the deep knowledge of technical, commercial, financial, regulatory and policy issues. He holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Computing at the University of Algorithmics Ecole Normale Superleure (Paris) and a Master’s Degree in engineering at the University of Corps des Mlnes (Paris, France).


Adomas Audickas embraces currently the position of the Advisor of the Prime Minister of Ukraine. From February 2010 to December 2012, he worked as the Deputy Minister in the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. From September 2013 to January 2015, he was a partner in the consulting company UAB Civitta, which specialized in grant services and project management, market research and support for progressive startups.

At the beginning of 2015, he founded and headed until April 2016 the consulting company SOE Reload. He received higher education in Mathematics in 2005 at the Vilnius University, graduated from the faculty of Finance at the University of Reading (the United Kingdom, 2008) and the faculty of Business Administration at the French Business School INSED (2014).